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Do you dream and are you fulfilling those dreams? If not, there is an addiction to something preventing you from doing so. Do you have a purpose in life or is your purpose to satiate your addictive or alcoholic need? Are you willing your existence or working to achieve someone else’s ideas and goals?

PREHAB is designed to help prepare anyone for the rigors and trials of any challenge they may encounter in life, especially drug or alcohol rehabilitation and the traumas and nightmares brought on by PTSD. Swift reveals that "addiction is easy, rehab is hard" and he demystifies the world of rehabilitation. Is rehab that scary, terrible place depicted in television and fan magazines, or is it an opportunity to become joyous, loving beings?

PREHAB examines the painful "rehabilitation revolving door" and the families this doorway so powerfully affects. With little being done to rectify the high recidivism rates amongst addicts and alcoholics, and a seemingly unending supply of legal and illegal addictive substances, there is an explosion of negative, addictive behaviors.

PREHAB is an effort toward expanding the way we perceive rehabilitation. Not as a bewildering, negative and terrifying experience, but an opportunity one rarely gets in life: a chance to start over, rebuild and become the joyful and hopeful human being we were all meant to be. Read the introduction for free.

For those of you in desperate need of this book but who absolutely cannot afford to purchase a copy, please click here. If there is a donated copy available PREHAB will be shipped to you at no cost. If there is no book available at the time you ask for it, your name will be added to a list and as soon as a copy becomes available it will be shipped to you. We only ask that you also "pay PREHAB forward" to someone else in need after you have made use of the book yourself.